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Why should you have a singer for your event?​

A vibrant singer will provide your event with an extraordinary, vibrant energetic vibe in each song. and an
Special events are a reason to celebrate and one of the ways to make such an event unforgettable and joyful is having a malty talented artist.


The latter will assure to entertain your guests of all ages. Here are some of the main reasons to hire the services of a singer for your event.


Liora is a professional well-known singer and composer. She specializes in many genres such as Oriental, Spanish middle eastern and more.


her performance s will ensure that your guests are surprised and excited  also in the visual level.


Wherever she decides to stand while preforming either on stage or among your guests, she provides a dynamic area full of celebrating guests that are eager to listen more and more.


Such an unforgettable and costumed performance upon special request will differentiate your event from others.


Her ability to make a connection with the crowd with a feeling of togetherness while sharing your special moments.


Each and every kind of event requires special performances. A brides walk towards her groom can be followed by a special song or dance by the singer.


The names of the party owners can be added to each song in five languages.


All of the above mentioned differentiate a standard event that includes    a DJ from a live performance by a virtuoso singer that allows your guests to share actively with you. 


Liora Simon Fadlon